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News September 2008

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September 29 2008:
The last weeks were rather boring, weatherwise. Where the first part of the month was highly unsettled and wet, the last weeks high pressure settled in. Some nights were cold with local ground frost and high temperatures were just about normal for the time of year. The last day of the month will be wet and dull again.
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September 8 2008:
At last, an update to the site!
I just finished the move to my new home in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht. We now have our own garden, so perhaps one day I will install a weather station.

The weather during the last weeks remained unsettled, making Summer 2008 a wet and rather gloomy one in the Netherlands. Temperatures were slightly above normal though.
The days ahead could see some improvement, just when I have a week off from work!

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