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News September 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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September 30 2004:
The slightly unsettled September weather continues, but last night was calm and rather cold. In Gilze-Rijen the first ground frost of the season was recorded. At a height of 10cm temperature dropped to -0,4 degrees.

September 23 2004:
Wet and windy autumn weather in The Netherlands! Not much to enjoy though. It's often cloudy, so no photogenic storms and temperatures are relatively low for the time of year. Yesterdays high temperature was below 15 degrees!

September 15 2004:
Dutch weather changed dramatically during the last few days. Winds picked up to gale force near the shores and some places had to deal with strong storms. Also, it's much cooler than last week. Todays highs will be far below 20 degrees! Things will change for the better from tomorrow on though.

September 8 2004:
Almost no change in the sunny, dry and warm September weather. Today highs are slightly lower, but from tomorrow on high temperatures will exceed 25 degrees again. From next Saturday on, Dutch weather could change significantly.

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Spring
- Summer
- Autumn

September 5 2004:
The last few days were perfectly sunny with highs mainly between 25 and 28 degrees. During the night and early morning often dense fog formed. Also the days ahead will be mostly sunny and dry, but it will become somewhat less warm.

Added new pictures to the following page:
- Fog

September 2 2004:
Summer has returned to The Netherlands with lots of sunshine and highs up to 25 degrees!

September 1 2004:
Added a new Photo of the Month.

August 2004 was the wettest month ever recorded at an official KNMI-station, with 325 mm measured at Maasland, in the southwest. Furthermore August was warm with a mean temperature of 18,8 degrees and the month had the normal amount of sunshine.
Summer 2004 as a whole was the wettest summer in at least 50 years.

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