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News September 2002

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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September 30 2002:
Some fine autumn weather the last couple of days. Bright sunny spells and chilly nights.

Last saturday I saw a beautiful funnel cloud in Gouda. Pictures will be added later!

September 26 2002:
Updated the Links Page.

September 24 2002:
Autumn started with more interesting weather. Strong winds and many showers crossed the country last sunday. Reports of thunder, graupel and funnels. I haven't seen much of this unfortunately.
Last night it was pretty chilly. My thermometer measured 5.6°C, but in the north and east temperatures went down to 2-3°C.

September 17 2002:
Boring weather! A northwesterly airflow picks up lots of moisture over the North Sea. Result: large fields of stratocumulus clouds.

Updated the Links Page.

September 10 2002:
Yesterday eastern and northern parts of the country dealed with some strong thunderstorms. Locally more than 50 mm rain came down.
Today there were reports of well developed waterspouts near the dutch coast and over lake IJsselmeer. I went to the lake, but unfortunately no luck for me.

September 8 2002:
At last we had some strong showers yesterday during the late afternoon and early evening. Near Rotterdam fell 30 mm rain.

September 7 2002:
The first week of september had some pleasant summerweather. Bright skies and temperatures well above 20°C. Last tuesday unexpected storms passed the country from east to west. I heard some rumbles of thunder at 19.15 LT in Soest, but not one drop of rain came down.
Today winds are picking up, but the forecasted rain didn't show up.

September 1 2002:
Added new Photo of the Month.

August was about 1.5 degrees warmer than normal and extremely wet. Mainly due to the many cloudburst storms most places got about 150 mm of rain. Eext, in the northeast, almost got 300 mm rain!
The summer overall was warm and quite wet.

September starts quiet with nice temperatures. The first storms are expected form wednesday on.

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