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News September 2001

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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September 2001
September 30 2001:
September 2001 just missed the alltime precipitationrecord in De Bilt by 1 mm.
Some places in the southwest of the country got 300 mm of rain.

Added new Photo of the Month

September 25 2001:
Talking about dull weather....
Some nice thunderstorms yesterday! An active line of storms formed south of Soest from which I could hear thunder at my location. First at 18.00 LT, later again at 22.20 LT, 23.00 LT and 00.15 LT. Thunder at 23.00 sounded like real explosions. Not one drop of rain in Soest though, but 10 km to the south more then 20 mm rain fell, including some small hail.

September 24 2001:
I'm starting on a new site layout for the chase section, so I can use more text. An example can be seen here.

The weather has been quite boring the last couple of days. Not a dry day this month so far though. Some places in The Netherlands received allmost 300 mm rain this month! Also temperatures are very low for this time of year.

September 19 2001:
Added new pictures to the following sections:
- Lightning 2001
- Altocumulus
- Rainbow
- The Sun

September 15-16 2001:
Again great showers this weekend!
Saturday evening I saw some sheet lightning in Oosterwolde.
Sunday afternoon, when I was walking the dog with my parents in Rolde, we saw spectacular Cumulonimbi and even some daytimelightning.
This month is becoming a very wet one here in Holland!

September 10 2001:
Added new sites to the Links section

September 8-9 2001:
Again very unstable weather in The Netherlands. A deep depression near Sweden caused galeforce winds and many showers, sometimes with graupel, lightning and high gusts. Autumn starts early this year!

September 4 2001:
Lots of showers in The Netherlands today, with locally heavy rain. I went to Lelystad at lake IJsselmeer. I hoped to catch a waterspout, but unfortunately they didn't form. I did hear one rumble of thunder.

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