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Cirrostratus undulatus clouds at sunrise, on January 25 2008 in Utrecht Possible colourful type Polar Stratospheric Clouds, as seen well after sunset on February 19 2008 in Utrecht Approaching strong wintry shower, showing an arcus cloud on March 18 2008 in Utrecht
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April shower showing nice mammatus clouds on April 12 2008 in Utrecht Close CG strike showing branches on May 31 2008 in Utrecht Noctilucent clouds as seen on June 15-16 2008, near Utrecht.
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Omnious looking shelf cloud marking the leading edge of a storms outflow on July 19, near Utrecht. Colorful sunset, possibly caused by a volcanic eruption, as seen on August 17, near Utrecht. Crossing contrails and beautiful Altocumulus clouds at sunset, as seen on September 28 in Utrecht.
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Complete 22° halo surrounding the sun, as seen on October 6 in Costa Adeje on the island Tenerife. Colorful Stratocumulus clouds at sunrise, as seen on November 17 in Utrecht. Hoar frost covers a tree branch, as seen on December 31 in Utrecht.
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