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Sun pillar near sunset over a snow covered land on December 29 2005 near Oosterhesselen Crocus flowers piercing thru the snow on February 23 2004 in Soest Rainbow with a shower on October 2nd 2005, on Lofoten Islands Norway
January February March
Silver lining and cloud rays at sunset, on April 2 2003, Soest Updraft of a supercell thunderstorm, on May 24 2003, Texas panhandle One of the many counties of the USA Great Plains where storm chasers can enjoy good visiblity and excellent road network; Chase county Nebraska on June 3rd 2006
April May June
Small LP supercell over the plains of Nebraska during sunset, on June 2 2006, Oshkosh Nebraska shelf cloud in front of a linear storm complex over the South Dakota Badlands, on May 28 2006 Complex crawler lightning in the anvil of a storm cloud over southern Nebraska on May 23 2006
July August September
Pileus cloud above a vigourisly growing convective tower, as seen on August 12 2006 near the Oostvaardersplassen Sunset lights up an anvil cloud of a storm complex, on May 31 2006 near Springfield CO A winter wonderland in the Netherlands, on December 31 2005 in Oosterhesselen
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