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Fog and hoar frost on December 27 2004 near Oosterhesselen Wintry shower and rainbow on January 21 2005 near Amersfoort Mammatus clouds at sunset on May 24 2002 over western Oklahoma
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Altocumulus clouds on August 12 2004 in Oosterhesselen Dutch supercell on June 4 2003 Well developed Cumulus congestus over Dallas county on May 6 2001
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Shelf cloud in front of a linear storm complex on June 3 2005 22 degree halo surrounding the sun on May 25 2005 Branched CG-lightning, on August 25th 2005 Soest
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Autumn colors, on September 25th 2005 Gjøvik Norway Orographic lenticular cloud, on September 28th 2005 Dombås Norway Snow and ice, on March 3 2005 Soest
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