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News October 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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October 30 2005:
Unseasonbly mild weather during the last week. On four days in a row highs exceeded 20°C at some places. Even De Bilt measured more than 20 degrees today, which had never happened before after October 27th.
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Autumn
- Halo Displays

October 19 2005:
Rain at last, but with temperatures below 10 degrees it is rather unpleasant outside. Skies should brighten up a bit tomorrow, but the unsettled weather continues.
Added new pictures to the following page:
- Autumn

October 17 2005:
The last 7 days were extremely sunny and at first mild as well. During the weekend less warm air moved in from the east and today a brisk easterly wind makes it rather cold outside. The sunny weather persists till Wednesday however, than the chance of rain increases.
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Rainbow
- Corona and Iridescence
- The Sun
- Altocumulus clouds
- Stratus clouds
- Cumulonimbus clouds

October 10 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month
September 2005 was relatively dry, very warm and extremely sunny. Nationwide it was the fifth most sunny September ever, even more sunny than last July.
October started with some showers, but sunny weather returned pretty soon. Also temperatures are mild, often near 20 degrees. Today a local 23 degrees may be reachable.

My holiday in Norway became a great success. I've shot more than 600 pictures of which I will add a couple to the site shortly.

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