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News October 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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October 30 2004:
Yesterday evening and last night, active storms over eastern parts of the country! Limburg had to deal with cloudbursts, lots of lightning and some hail. In the northeast just lots of rain was reported, locally more than 40 mm.

October 27 2004:
The first frost of the new winter season! In the east of Holland, in Twenthe, temperature dropped to -0,6 degrees this morning.
Last weekend was extremely mild though. In the southeast highs were near or above 20 degrees on both days. Sunday's low temperature was near record values for this time of year. Some stations had lows above 15 degrees.

Added new pictures to the following page:
- Autumn

October 21 2004:
Mild weather yesterday in the south indeed with highs near 20 degrees. Yesterday evening and last night the southern half of the country had to deal with unseasonably strong thunderstorms. I did hear a rumble of thunder here in Soest, but I missed most of the action.
Today rather sunny again with strong to gale force southwesterly winds.

October 20 2004:
Not much going on with Dutch weather. Yesterday morning it was cold with local groundfrost and dense fog formed as well. Later in the day it turned sunny.
Today it's mostly cloudy with rainy spells. It does turn milder, maybe an odd 20°C in the south later today?

October 12 2004:
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Altocumulus Clouds
- Cumulus congestus Clouds
- Cumulonimbus Clouds
- Pileus Clouds
- Lightning 2004

October 11 2004:
Yesterday I returned from a one week holiday on the Greek island Kos. The weather overthere was pleasantly warm with lots of sunshine. Almost on a daily base thunderstorms formed over the western shores of Turkey, which often could be seen from Kos. One day I observed distant sheet lightning during the evening hours of which I will add some photos on the site later.

Back in Holland it is rather cold with highs just above 10 degrees and a strong easterly wind. It is sunny as well though!

October 1 2004:
Updated the Links Section
Added a new Photo of the Month

September 2004 was sunny and slightly on the mild side, but had the normal amount of precipitation.

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