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News October 2002

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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October 28 2002:
A severe gale/storm caused large damage in many parts of Europe on October 27. In Holland at least 4 people died and about 200.000.000 euro worth of damage was caused by the high winds. As I was supposed to fly to the isle of Fuerteventura that day I was at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The plane didn't take off and I had to wait 24 hours for the next flight.

October 26 2002:
Holland had to deal with some strong storms yesterday evening and last night. At the beginning of the evening a frontal system evolved into a squall line with lightning and high gusts, mainly in the southeast. Elsenborn, Belgium, reported a gusts of 66 kts at 18Z.

Later that evening and overnight more storms crossed the country. These produced phenomenal amounts of lightning strikes, moderate graupel to hail and severe wind gusts. Over land some stations reported 54 kts and near the coast up to 64 kts. In the north a farm was hit by high winds, possibly a tornado. The damage path was not wide. Regular winds reached gale to storm force at the coast.

Tomorrow another low visits the North Sea. This one could be even more nasty, as the winds veer to northwest. One model, HIRLAM, suggests hurricane force winds.

Updated the Links page.
Still no new webspace at my server. That means no new photos for the weeks to come. Who has some webspace available for me?

October 23 2002:
Unsettled autumn weather in The Netherlands. Last weekend there were many showers, sometimes with graupel and thunder.
The last two days had less photogenic weather, cloudy and rainy spells. Yesterday it was quite mild thanks to ex-hurricane Kyle over Britain. Temperatures reached 18°C in the southeast of Holland.

October 18 2002:
October 16 was a relatively mild day with highs around 15°C, but all the other days were quite cold.
A possible tornado struck the village of Nuth (in the southeast) wednesday at 18.00 LT. Some cars and homes were severely damaged. A road between Nuth and Aalsbeek had to be closed because of fallen trees. The trees all fell in the same direction, so maybe the damage was done by a microburst or other severe straight line winds.

Today many strong squally showers with thunder and graupel cross the country.

October 13 2002:
From October 8 till October 11th it was sunny with a brisk easterly wind. Highs were just above 10°C.
Yesterdays highs were between 6 and 10 degrees. For De Bilt (8,1°C) this meant the coldest October 12 since 1919.
Today it was cloudy and cold. In the north highs were about 6°C.

October 8 2002:
The first days of October were quite warm with highs of 20°C or more.
The last couple of days were cold! Highs just above 10 degrees and some stations got their first frost. Yesterday morning Eindhoven measured -0,2°C, but this morning Eelde got -3,0 and Twente -2.6!
This week will remain cold with nasty easterly winds. Winter arrives a bit too early.

October 1 2002:
Added new Photo of the Month.

September 2002 was quite warm, sunny and very dry in The Netherlands.
October starts with fine weather. Plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

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