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News November 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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November 28 2004:
Thursday the 25th was a so-called iceday in De Bilt indeed! The high temperature was only -0,5°C due to persistent dense fog. In the evening skies cleared and it became quite frosty. My thermometer measured -2,3 degrees.
Friday milder air moved in and this weekend Dutch weather is gloomy and sometimes wet.

November 25 2004:
Last night it became even colder with a low temperature of -5,2 degrees at Woensdrecht. My thermometer on my balcony measured -1,5°C.
Today it's chilly with low Stratus clouds and dense fog at many places. Maybe some stations will stay subzero the whole day, something we call an iceday here in Holland.

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Autumn
- Fog

November 24 2004:
The wintry showers and frosty nights of last weekend made place for rain and high temperatures on Monday the 22nd. Yesterday, again colder air moved into the low countries. Last night it was the coldest night of this new winter season up to now. My thermometer reached -1,0 degrees but at the official KNMI site on airport Eindhoven temperature plunged to -3,9°C.
Today it's rather sunny.

November 20 2004:
Lots of rain during the last few days. In the south of the country up to 80 mm was measured.
Yesterday much colder air rushed in, resulting in many wintry showers with thunder and high gusts. I wintnessed my first melting snow flakes of this new winter season. The wintry showers persist today. The coming night could become quite cold.

November 11 2004:
Yesterday the extreme southeast of Holland, a hilly terrain, got the first snow of the season. Locally up to 15 cm was measured. The rest of the country had to deal with rainy weather.
Today skies are clearing again, but on the long term the unsettled weather continues.

November 6 2004:
Updated the Links Section
Updated the Webcam page
Some more sunshine these days, but Dutch weather stays rather calm and boring. Maybe the first widespread frost during the night the next couple of days?

November 1 2004:
Updated the Links Section
Updated the Webcam page
Added a new Photo of the Month

October 2004 was sunny, rather dry and mild with an average temperature of 11,3 degrees.
November begins dull with grey skies. Last night Twenthe, in the east of the country, got a touch of frost with a low temperature of -0,1°C.

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