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News November 2001

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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November 2001
November 29 2001:
Very mild air reached The Netherlands today. Temperatures will reach 13°C the next couple of days. These high temperatures are accompanied by cloudy and very rainy weather.

November 24 2001:
Another cold spell with some wintry showers last thursday and friday. No frost in the night though.
Today milder air came in, resulting in dull and gloomy weather again.

The average surfacelevel pressure will be very high this november!

November 17 2001:
We had some frosty nights in the last week. My thermometer only reached -2.5°C, but in other places in the country temperatures went down to -6°C.
Yesterday much milder air reached The Netherlands, so there will be no more frost this weekend.

I solved the problems with my webcam. It wasn't working properly with Windows XP©.

November 9 2001:
Yesterday many places in The Netherlands got their first snowflakes, mainly sleet. Not in Soest unfortunately.
A strong northerly gale reached stormforce at the Dutch coast with gusts up to 66 knots!
Today it's much calmer with lots of sunshine. First frost tonight?

November 8 2001:
It's getting colder in The Netherlands and the showers are getting more active!
Yesterday some heavy downbursts, today thunder, small hail and high gusts. I love this kind of weather!

November 6 2001:
Dull cloudy weather today with some rainy spells.
Still waiting for the first frost in The Netherlands this season.

Updated the Links section.

November 1 2001:
Added new Photo of the Month.

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