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News May 2008

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May 22 2008:
Last Monday I returned from a one week holiday on the Greek island of Corfu. The weather there was summerlike most of the time, but we did have a shower of two as well. I observed a splendid and rare halo display on May 15th, photos are shown below.
Weather in the Netherlands remains stable and rather warm. The first two weeks of the month were record breaking sunny and dry. Later last week local rain and showers occured, mainly in southern and central parts of the country. However, stable weather returned this week, so still no storm chase oppurtunities for me.

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May 2 2008:
April 2008 was rather sunny and dry and had a just above normal mean temperature.May started very unsettled with many showers and thunderstorms, but the week ahead will see more stable conditions with temperatures rising to above 20 degrees.

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