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News May 2006

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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May 9 2006:
The last week was warm with temperatures near or sometimes over 25 degrees! Not much precipitation and lots of sunshine during this period. Yesterday strong easterly winds occured, causing local damage. The remainder of the week will see summerlike weather as well. The only risk of a shower or thunderstorm exists today, but this local thunderstorm could become severe!

Thursday I will be heading to the US Plains to chase storms with Oscar van der Velde Harald Edens Dan Suri and Ben Lankamp. Latest model output doesn't look too promissing for severe weather chances, but hopefully things will evolve otherwise!
We plan to update a Chase Blog with our stories, succesful or busts. won't be updated untill my return.

May 2 2006:
Added a new Photo of the Month
April 2006 was relatively mild and dry with the near normal amount of sunshine.
The first of May was cold and wet, but the remainder of the week will see summerlike temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Perhaps a local thunderstorm tomorrow?

In about a week I will be visiting the Great Plains in the USA again to chase storms. Together with 4 friends I hope to see and photograph lots of photogenic convection and nice landscapes. This site will not be updated during this period! I did alter the webcam page, so one can take a look at the skies over the Great Plains.

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