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News May 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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May 31 2005:
Chased a couple of polar airmass thunderstorms today! These showed nice crisp towers, wonderfull hailstreaks and some spectacular branched CG's.
Pictures of todays storms

May 30 2005:
A first wave of summerheat has struck the Netherlands during the early weekend. Thursday a local 30°C was measured, Friday highs between 30 and 33 degrees were common in the entire nation. Saturday night's lows were extreme as well, especially for the time of year. At some stations temperatures remained above 20°C the whole night. During Saturday less warm air moved in by blustery southwesterly winds. But besides some patches of high and midlevel clouds, it remained sunny and dry!
Today has been miserable with highs well below 15 degrees and rainy periods. There were a couple of funnel cloud reports though!
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Halo Display
- The Sun
- Cirrocumulus clouds
- Cirrus clouds
- Altocumulus clouds

May 25 2005:
It's getting warmer by the day. Today highs went up to above 20°C and the next few days could see highs near 30 degrees Celsius! The chance of storms increases as well.
Added new pictures to the following page:
- Halo Display

May 23 2005:
Dutch weather turned milder with highs near or slightly above normal for the time of year. Storms and showers remained though and often produced lightning during the weekend. As I stayed with a very good friend of mine in England, I missed most of these storms. But the night of my return a surprisingly active storm moved towards my hometown. I went to a vantage point and immediately saw the storm heading my way. It showed a marvelous shelf cloud! I made lots of photos of this phenomenon, but due to low light at dusk, contrast was quite poor. Click for some of my pictures of this storm
I also added new pictures to the following pages:
- Stratus clouds
- Cirrus clouds
- Cumulonimbus clouds
- Shelf clouds

May 18 2005:
Cold spring weather during the last two weeks. The first half of May was even colder that the second half of last March, amazing! Last night was frosty at many places with lows down to -1,5°C and -5 at surface level! Highs are just above 10 degrees.
Milder air should return from tomorrow on, but it stays rather unsettled.

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Spring
- Cirrus clouds
- Altocumulus clouds
- Cumulus humilis clouds
- Cumulus mediocris clouds
- Cumulus congestus clouds
- Tornado and funnel clouds

May 11 2005:
Not the best spring weather one could get overhere in The Netherlands. A northwesterly air flow advected an unstable polar air mass which resulted in many showers and far below normal temperatures. Highs were just above 10 degrees and local ground frost occured during the night. Often, showers produced soft hail and/or thunder, but nothing really severe took place. I haven't chased any of these showers myself.
After a cold night, temperatures will rise from tomorrow on and it will stay dry for a couple of days in a row as well.

May 5 2005:
The first day of May was very warm in The Netherlands. De Bilt had a high of 28,5 degrees and Ell and Eindhoven in the southeast went up to 30,0°C. Later that evening an active thunderstorm formed over the province of Noord-Holland.
On Monday more thunderstorms formed, the most active ones in the southeast. Hail up to 4 cm came down in Noord-Limburg.
Tuesday another round of severe weather occured, mainly in the east and south of the country.
Today, Liberation Day in Holland, weather was rather quiet, but significantly cooler than earlier this week. Highs were between 10 and 15 degrees. The next few days will see even lower temperatures and lots of showers as well.

May 1 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month
Updated the Links section

According to the Royal Dutch Met. Office (KNMI), April 2005 was mild, wet and rather sunny.

Yesterday, Queens Day in Holland, mild air moved into the low countries. Most places were mostly cloudy however, but highs reached 20°C at many locations. May starts of warm with highs near 25 degrees, but with an increasing risk of thunderstorms as well. Hopefully I can perform my first real storm chase of the season during the next couple of days!

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