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News March 2008

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March 31 2008:
It turned milder during the last few days with highs exceeding the 10-degree mark, but the weather stayed unsetteled and wet. There were even several hailproducing showers yesterday of which some produced infrequent lightning as well.
Today, on my birthday, showers were less abundant and some sunny spells were present.

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March 25 2008:
The weather turned wintry from last week on. During the long Easter weekend many snow showers crossed the country, often resulting in a winter wonderland for a short time. In between showers, bright sunny spells occured, enhancing the contrast in the sky, so photo oppurtunuties were abundant!

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March 18:

March 19:

March 21:

March 24:

March 25:

March 10 2008:
During the last week the weather remained pretty unsettled in the Netherlands. Most days had rain or (wintry) showers and often it was quite windy. Today gale force southerly winds batter the country again and also the days ahead will see high winds and many showers.

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March 5:

March 4:

March 3:

March 1 2008:
February 2008 was mild again in the Netherlands with temperatures being 2 degrees above normal. Again no snow, it was rather dry and extremely sunny.
Last night severe gale force winds battered the Dutch shores again and some places had quite active hail-producing thunderstorms. In my hometown I haven't noticed any lightning and thunder.

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