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News March 2006

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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March 28 2006:
Strong thunderstorms passed the Netherlands yesterday! Large hail and strong wind gusts were reported and there is a chance a tornado was produced over eastern parts of the province Noord Brabant. Hail up to 3 cm in diameter was reported near Geldrop. I chased a couple of storms, but these weren't very photogenic. I will add a chase report shortly!

March 26 2006:
At last, spring temperatures have arrived in the Low Countries! From last Friday on mild and humid air is present, but most rain falls at night. Yesterdays highs went up to a local 16 degrees in the south. Today and tomorrow could see even higher temperatures and mainly tomorrow there is a chance of a thundery shower!
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March 20 2006:
Spring starts today, but the weather remains wintry in the Netherlands. Temperatures are way below normal for quite some time now and most nights still are frosty. The highest temperature this month so far is 7,6°C. During the last 4 months temperature has risen above 10 degrees for just two or three times, a new record! Nature is showing some signs of Spring arriving, but is way behind.

March 11 2006:
Dutch winter weather returned yesterday with snow showers and a brisk NE'ly wind at many places. In the north and east temperatures stayed subzero during the whole day. Last night was extremely cold with -10,2°C at airbase Twenthe. The coming night could be even colder!
- Winter 2006

March 8 2006:
Snow showers persisted untill yesterday, when a small area of high pressure dried things up. This didn't last long though as active Atlantic disturbances drowned the country today. Only the northeast remained cold with wintry precipitation from time to time. In the next few days to come the battle between mild Atlantic air and cold continental air will take place over our heads and most likely the cold air will prevail again.
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- Winter 2006

March 3 2006:
Winter continues in the Netherlands with many, often quite heavy, snow showers. Some places in the west and center of the country received a thick layer of snow. In the province of Flevoland and near Zwolle between 20 and 35 cm of snow cover was measured. Also my hometown Soest is covered with snow, so I made a small excursion this morning, shooting nearly 100 photos!
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- Winter 2006

March 1 2006:
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February 2006 had a near normal mean temperature without any cold or mild extremes. Furthermore February was gloomy and wet. It became a February-month with the least amount of sunshine in 35 years.
March starts of cold with many wintry showers, often producing heavy snow. Local soft hail and thunder was reported as well. Some locations in the country received more than 10 cm's of snow. The days to come will remain cold with numerous wintry showers. Where is Spring???

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