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News March 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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March 26 2005:
Well, spring had an early start this year! During the last week it has been quite mild with some nice sunny spells. Last Thursday temperature rose to a pleasant 21,3 degrees in Eelde. Later that day some active summerlike storms crossed the country. In parts of Utrecht and Flevoland more than 20 mm of rain was recorded.
Today an upper level low and daytime heating were enough to fire some active thunderstorms, which is for our country very early for the time of year. One storm formed near my hometown, just east of Amersfoort. There heavy rain and hail caused a traffic jam on the highway. I saw this storm from the flat and wide countryside just west of Amersfoort. At one time I counted up to 15 discharges a minute. Unfortunately it was quite misty, so the storm wasn't that photogenic.
Pictures of todays convection
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- Spring
- Altocumulus Clouds
- Corona and Iridescence

March 17 2005:
From winter to spring in just a couple of days time! Yesterdays highs reached 20°C or more in southern parts of the country and this combined with sunny skies it nearly looked summer. In Gilze-Rijen temperature rose to 21 degrees, which means a nationwide rise in temperature of 41,7 degrees in just 2 weeks time. This is the largest temperature difference in one month ever recorded in our country.
Todays skies were mainly cloudy again, but the mild weather persist. Next weekends evolution is rather uncertain though!

March 7 2005:
Thaw has conquered the country and ice and snow are melting quite rapidly. No real spring weather yet unfortunately.
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Winter 2005

March 6 2005:
A cold night again! After soms fresh snow on Saturday, skies cleared during the night and on my balcony temperature dropped to -8,5 degrees. In Marknesse the low temperature was about -15 degrees!
Some more light snow showers today, but from tomorrow on weather should get less cold.

March 4 2005:
Oh what a night and oh what a week!!! Extreme winter weather here in The Netherlands. On March 1 it started snowing. In the northwest of the country about 13 cm of snow accumulated. More snow Wednesday night; in the northern provinces 30-50 cm snow came down, disrupting traffic and social life. My parents had to stay home all day. Later that day also lots of snow in central parts of the country. These large amounts of snow on such a broad scale have never been observed in at least 30 years in The Netherlands. And what makes it even more special, it's March so it should be spring right now!!!
More extreme weather during last night. Hardly any wind, clear skies and deep snow cover were the ideal ingredients for a very very very chilly night. On my balcony temperature dropped to -11,6 degrees, the coldest night in years. But many places in our country had lows below -15 degrees, the absolute winner was Marknesse. There temperature dropped to -20,7 making it officialy the coldest March night in at least 100 years. Also at the KNMI headquarters in De Bilt it was record breaking cold. There it was the coldest March night since 1845. Unbelievable! And the winter weather aint over yet. More snow is expected later today.
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Winter 2005

March 1 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month

February 2005 was cold, rather wet and sunny again. The average temperature was 2,4°C against the normal value of 3,0. The last night of the month was the coldest night, Deelen had a low temperature of -12,3 degrees.

Thanks to an exceptionally mild January month, winter 2005 as a whole was on the mild side as well. Both December and February were just on the cold side.

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