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News March 2003

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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March 31 2003:
March 2003 will be the sunniest on record in the Netherlands. Up till now about 196 hours have been recorded, so the new record will be around 200 hours of sunshine! What makes it even more unusual is that February 2003 was the sunniest on record as well. It's not surprising that both months were very dry.
Tomorrow we'll get some decent rain though, April starts off much more unsettled.

March 24 2003:
Not much going on unfortunately. Just lots of sunshine, no rain or storms and high temperatures. Last weekend the humidity was extremely low with values below 20% at some locations. Today many places reached 20°C for the first time this year. Not the best weather for someone who likes storms!

March 17 2003:
A splendid sunset yesterday! For over an hour I saw a bright sun pillar above the setting sun.
This morning dense fog formed in central and northern parts of the country.

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Halo Display
- Sun
- Fog

March 16 2003:
Pressure in De Bilt (headquarters Royal Dutch Met. Office) reached a record high for March at 1044 hPa.
The associated weather is bright and rather mild during the afternoon. In the early morning hours moderate frost at some locations with lows around -5°C.

March 13 2003:
A strong high pressure system is building over the North Sea today. Pressure in the center of this system will rise to 1045 hPa or more next weekend! In Holland this results in clear skies and beautiful spring weather. During the night still some widespread frost though.

March 9 2003:
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Stratocumulus
- Altostratus
- Cumulus mediocris
- Pileus Clouds
- Tornadoes and Funnel Clouds
- Sun

We had some decent rain yesterday with more than 10 mm at some locations.
Today the sun returns in mild conditions.

March 5 2003:
Updated the Links Page.

The mild weather continues with some daily rain, but sunny spells as well.

March 1 2003:
Added new Photo of the Month.
Updated the Chase Equipment page.

February 2003 was cold, dry and extremely sunny. 155 hours of sunshine were recorded, making February 2003 the sunniest on record.

Winter 2002/2003 was, on the whole, cold and sunny as well and it was the first time since the winter of 1996/1997 that we have had a cold winter.

March started off unsettled though and last night we had our first significant rainfall in three weeks!

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