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News June 2006

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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June 30 2006:
Added more pictures of US chases:
- Chase May 16
- Chase May 17
- Chase May 21
- Chase May 23

Also added some weather related pictures from non-chase days of May 18-19-20 to the following sections:
- Mammatus clouds
- The Sun

June 29 2006:
Pleasant summer weather with clear skies, light winds and comfortable temperatures in the Netherlands today. Days ahead will see warmer weather, but chance of thunder remains limited untill next Tuesday.

Added pictures of our first US chases during last spring:
- Chase May 13
- Chase May 14
- Chase May 15
More to follow in the days ahead, written chase logs will take some more time though!

June 26 2006:
The last week was rather quiet in the Netherlands, weatherwise. I did attempt several chases though. The first was a bust chase on June 19, when I hoped to intercept forming storms over eastern parts of the Netherlands. Unfortunately storms formed further east, over Germany and as I was alone I wasn't able to navigate properly over the border, so gave up. Yesterday Ben Lankamp and I performed a 900 km chase in Belgium and parts of Germany and SE Netherlands. We did see lots of lightning and encountered cloudbursts, but as storms were linear again we couldn't get in front of them. So hardly any photos and the chase turned out to be a frustrating one. I haven't had much luck while chasing lately!! :(

I did see spectacular Noctilucent Clouds (NLC) last Wednesday/Thursday. Photos will be addes shortly.

June 17 2006:
Hot summer weather untill June 13 with highs near 30°C at many places. We missed an official heat wave by 0.2 degrees (De Bilt measured 29,8°C on May 12)! During Wednesday night strong thunderstorms with high lightning activity moved over SW Netherlands. Later Wednesday southeastern parts of the Netherlands had to deal with thunderstorms, but I haven't seen any. Temperatures dropped significantly, to about 15 degrees and skies turned mostly cloudy. From today on warm weather returned for a couple of days. Perhaps some thunder again on Monday?

June 8 2006:
Added a new Photo of the Month
Put my Webcam back online.
Updated the Links section
May 2006 was warm and wet with the normal amount of sunshine. The last weeks of the month were unsettled with strong winds, many showers and quite low temperatures though.
June started cool, but summer is here now. Temperatures will likely rise to 30C or more during the days to come and the weather is perfectly sunny!

Yesterday I returned from my four week holiday on the USA Great Plains. Weather wasn't cooperating, so we didn't see many storms and not even one tornado. The landscape sometimes was quite breathtaking though and we had a good time will driving about 15000 miles. The chase logs will be added during the next couple of weeks. A dutch version in blog-style can be found here

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