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News June 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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June 26 2005:
Dutch people had to deal with a heatwave during the last couple of days. It was the earliest heatwave since 1950 and the only heatwave in June since the summer of 1976!
Today the heatwave came to an end when northerly winds advected significantly less warm air to the country. Last night a disturbance resulted in strong thunderstorms over many parts of western Holland. I did manage to photograph an occasional strike, but most were obscured by clouds.
Last Thursday I performed a 900 km chase in northern France, but we busted as storms died just south of us. Yesterday an airmass thunderstorm formed very close to home, but this storm wasn't longlived. It did produce quite a lot rumbles of thunder!
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Chase June 23rd
- Airmass thunderstorm June 24th
- Lightning June 25th
- NLC June 23rd
- The Sun
- Altocumulus clouds
- Cumulus congestus clouds

June 21 2005:
Summer has arrived! During the last couple of days warm air conquered the low countries. During the weekend weather turned extremely sunny with highs above 25 degrees. Yesterdays highs were more extreme; Gilze-Rijen in the southwest got up to 34,7°C, a national record breaking value for the period June 11-20.
Warm summer weather is here to stay for the remainder of the week. It's time for some convection though!

Also a spectacular NLC-display occured during the night of June 19-20! Unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot any pictures due to night shifts, but I did got a glance of it.
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Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Cirrus clouds
- Cirrocumulus clouds
- Summer

June 15 2005:
After a cold weekend weather turned for the better during the last couple of days. Plenty of sunshine and pleasantly temperatures were present. Coming weekend could be a really hot one with highs above 30°C at some places!
Last night I saw a brilliant display of Noctilucent clouds. Unfortunately I wasn't able to drive to a nice vantage point and I couldn't stay up all night, but I did manage to shoot some photographs!
Pictures of last nights NLC

June 6 2005:
Added one new picture to the following page:
- Winter 2005

June 6 2005:
Cold and mostly cloudy weather in the Netherlands these days. The next few days could see more sunshine, but highs will remain below normal.
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Cumulonimbus clouds
- Cumulus congestus clouds
- Shelf clouds
- Roll clouds
- Whale's mouth

June 4 2005:
Yesterday warm and moist air conquered the country. Highs reached values up to 28 degrees in the southeast of the Netherlands. Several disturbances resulted in thunderstorm development though. Mainly in the north and west very impressing cloud formations, like roll clouds and shelf clouds, were seen. Together with Ben Lankamp I chased storms during the afternoon and evening and it became a success! Pictures of yesterdays chase

The next few days will see cold and rather disappointing weather conditions. Maybe an odd thundery shower later today.

June 1 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month
According to the Royal Dutch Met. Office (KNMI), the average temperature of May 2005 was perfectly normal, though extremes were quite large. It was rather sunny as well (as usually during the last few years, maybe something to do with new measurements based on radiation?) and the amount of precipitation was normal.

June starts of rather sunny, but no too warm with during last night local ground frost. Next Friday could be interesting, regarding the possibility of thunderstorm development!

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