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News June 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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June 27 2004:
Added new pictures to the following page:
- Halo Displays

June 25 2004:
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Whale's mouth
- Cumulus congestus clouds
- Cumulonimbus clouds
- Lightning 2004
- Shelf clouds
- Mammatus clouds
- The Sun

Dutch weather remains unsettled untill today. Some places received more than 50 mm rain in a few days time. I experienced a cloudburst last night. The storm produced small hail and lightning as well, but was not active enough for lightning photography.

June 24 2004:
Active weather in The Netherlands yesterday! A strong storm depression over England and the North Sea, caused strong gale force winds at the Dutch shores and many showers and storms over land. Often storms organised in lines, with local severe wind gusts. At work I witnessed a suspicious looking storm that showed tremendous rotation. My guess at this point is that this could have been a genuine supercell.
Pictures of the storm

June 21 2004:
Summer has officialy started, but Dutch weather isn't cooperating very much. I have no complaints though, as I can almost enjoy photogenic weather on a daily base. In a polar airmass storms formed easily and sometimes thunder and soft hail were observed. Also, yesterday and today a couple of funnel clouds were reported.

I've chased some of todays convection and succeeded in Flevoland, my favourite Dutch chasing province.
Chase June 21 2004

June 19 2004:
Updated the Links Page.

A week ago a nocturnal thunderstorm awoke me, but unfortunately it wasn't active enough for lightning photography.
Dutch weather turned more unsettled from last Wednesday on. Yesterday several funnel clouds and one possible tornado near Teuge was reported. Today, many showers and thunderstorms, often producing soft hail, crossed the country. Temperatures are quite dissappointing for the time of year with highs far bewlow 20 degrees. Where is the summer?

June 11 2004:
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Altocumulus clouds
- Cumulus congestus clouds
- Cumulonimbus clouds
- Pileus clouds
- Shelf clouds
- Mammatus clouds
- The Sun

June 10 2004:
After a few warm days with highs near 30 degrees on June 8th, less warm air moved into the low countries yesterday. No storms formed over The Netherlands, but they did over Eastern Belgium. I chased them into Germany!
Chase June 9 2004

June 4 2004:
I changed the layout of all my chase log pages. Hope you like it better!

June 3 2004:
Yesterday, Ben Lankamp and I decided to chase some active thundery showers in western Germany, near the Ruhr/Sauerland area. It was a quite difficult chase, as there was no CIN, so convection occurred almost everywhere. We succeeded in intercepting a few thunderstorms which produced torrential downpours and small hail.
Chase June 2 2004

The weather in Holland these days is less interesting again. Not warm and no real storms to chase. Still waiting for my first lightning picture of the year!

June 1 2004:
Added a new Photo of the Month.
Updated the Links Page.

May 2004 had on average a slightly below normal temperature, but there were lots of chilly nights. Also it was quite dry at many places, although heavy rain during the last days brought some relief.

Yesterday a couple of active thundery showers formed, mainly in the southeast of the country. I tried to chase them and had some success!
Chase May 31 2004

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