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News June 2003

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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June 29 2003:
Updated the Links Page.
The Dutch TT suffered from nasty showers yesterday. Some locations in Drenthe got 10-15 mm in just a few hours time.

June 27 2003:
The pleasant summer weather continues. It's pretty dry though and unfortunately there aren't many storms to chase. Maybe tomorrow or next monday?

June 19 2003:
Holland had some pleasant summer weather the last week. Little or no precipitation, lots of sunshine and highs near 25°C most of the time. The amount of sunshine this year is already recordbreaking! Today it's rather cloudy though.

June 13 2003:
Added video stills to the May 8 Chase.
Added video stills to the May 15 Chase.
Added a chaselog of the US chase on May 19
Added a chaselog of the US chase on May 24

I removed my own webcam, as it didn't show a great view. Maybe it will return later. Instead, I've added webcams from other places worldwide. Click here to see them.

June 12 2003:
During the late afternoon last tuesday, an intense storm moved over Soest. At first there were a couple of CG's, followed by a tremendous tropical downpour.

Added a chaselog of the US chase on May 15

June 10 2003:
Added video stills to the May 6 Chase.

June 9 2003:
Added a chaselog of the US chase on May 4th

Added pictures to the following pages:
- Cumulonimbus
- Tornadoes and Funnel Clouds
- Mammatus
- Shelf Clouds
- Whale's Mouth
- The Sun
- Halo Displays
- Iridisation

Updated the Links Page.

June 8 2003:
Another day with strong storms over Holland. I observed a thunderstorm which lasted about 1.5 hours with a lighningactivity up to 7 strikes/min.
Other places got hammered with severe weather. In Brabant and Limburg hail up to 3 cm's was collected, wind gusts knocked over trees and caravans and in the southwest a spectacular shelf cloud was visible. In Meppel and De Wijk (in Drenthe) a tornado was reported.

I added chaselogs and pictures from two more US chases:
-May 06
-May 08
Maybe some more shots from these chases will be added in the near future.

June 5 2003:
Again, active thunderstorms crossed the country on wednesday. Some locations reported severe weather with hail up to 2", 50 kts wind gusts and a possible tornado near Nieuw Schoonebeek and two more reports form southwestern parts of the country. I chased a supercell storm and a squall line and saw some nice storm structures.
Chase log and pictures can be found here.

I also added chaselogs and pictures from two US chases:
-May 13
-May 23

June 3 2003:
Added a chase report of May 2 2003.
Added new Photo of the Month.
Yesterday I returned from a 4 week chase vacation in the US. It was a great time, but the severe weather period seemed concentrated in the first weeks. We did see two tornadoes on May 8 in eastern Kansas.

Yesterday afternoon a moderate thunderstorm passed Soest with some close strikes, strong wind gusts and heavy rain. More active storms hit northern parts of the country with hail up to 1-2 cm. Marknesse reported 111 mm of rain in a few hours time.

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