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News July 2008

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July 30 2008:
The warm and unsettled summer weather continues in the Netherlands. Yesterdays storms were most active in the NE-part of the country were high wind gusts, heavy rain and local large hail caused some damage.
During Monday evening, as we drove back home from a visit to our newborn nephew in a hospital in Leiderdorp, we saw a breathtaking storm at sunset to our south. Unfortunately the storm was decaying, but my girlfriend was able to shoot to some pictures of it from the driving car.

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July 28 2008:
The predictions mentioned here a week ago came true as warm and moist air conquered the Low Countries from last Thursday on. From Friday onward many showers and thunderstorms developed, producing local severe weather. As I had the weekend of from work, Iw as able to shoot many pictures from my appartment. So no chasing again, just storm observing from home!
Not much change expected during the next couple of days, so hopefully some new lightning photography options.
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July 22 2008:
Unsettled and cool weather persisted during the last week. Yesterdays high temperatures barely reached 15°C in most of the country. Combined with high winds and long periods of rain it was just one of those gloomy november days. Last Saturday a photogenic storm passes my hometown, showing a spectacular shelf cloud!
The days ahead will see summerlike weather again with more sunshine and highs exceeding 25°C. From Friday on the chance of a thunderstorm increases again!

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July 16 2008:
A spectacular display of noctilucent clouds appeared last Sunday, close to midnight. Fortunately I saw a part of this show myself, so I was able to shoot some pictures!
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July 9 2008:
Dutch summer weather remains highly unsettled with showers and local thunderstorms nearly on a daily basis. Last Monday a small town was even struck by a F0-F1 tornado! For weathernuts and photographers like myself this is the best weather there is. Lots of contrast in the sky and many photogenic showers. The remainder of this week (month?) will likely remain unsettled, so perhaps I can perform a local chase again shortly.

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July 4 2008:
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July 3 2008:
June 2008 was warm again (more than 1 degree °C above average), quite sunny and rather dry. The areas most struck by drought are in the north of the country while the southeast was quite wet.

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Yesterday I performed a storm chase with 3 friends. Storms were rather shortlived at first, making it a difficult chase, but we did find an active storm showing signs of rotation over the Veluwe forest. Before the chase, in the early morning, I observed some vague NLC, my second sighting of the season!
Pictures of both events will be added soon.

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