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News July 2006

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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July 28 2006:
The Dutch heat wave continues! Today day 14 of this extremely warm period. There is a good chance July 2006 will be the warmest month ever recorded in Dutch history. There is also a chance of some decent showers and thunderstorms today. With weak winds aloft these could produce local flash flooding. A more interesting setup next Sunday, when a cold front could turn into a squall line. Hopefully a good chase ahead!

July 20 2006:
Yesterday was extremely hot in the Netherlands; it was even the hottest day ever recorded in the month of July! In Westdorpe, in the southwest of the country, 37,1°C was measured and many more places went above 36 degrees. The warm weather continues during the next days, but extreme heat is not expected. The chance of storms remains slim, so the drought continues as well. After the slow season I had on the US Plains this spring, again a chase season without good storms for me! :(
Updated the following page:
- Halo displays

July 17 2006:
The dry, hot and extremely sunny weather continues in the Netherlands. Highs will exceed 30°C on a daily base this week, making way for the second official heat wave this year. From Thursday on the chance of a local thunderstorm increases.
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July 11 2006:
Some showers last night and today, at last! I heard two rumbles of thunder at about 6 AM, but was too tired to get out of bed. The days ahead will see dry weather with sunny skies and warm temperatures again. Since records began the first 10 days of this month have never been so warm in mainly northern parts of the Netherlands!

A major site update today!!
Added pictures from all US chases this year and updated chase vacation accounts of previous years:
- 2006 chases
- 2003 chases
- 2002 chases
- 2001 chases

Added pictures of not so succesful chases on:
- June 19 2006
- June 25 2006

Added pictures of NLC displays on:
- June 22 2006
- July 2 2006

Placed my 2006 chase vacation pictures in different categories:
- Tornado and funnel clouds
- Wall clouds
- Shelf clouds
- Cumulonimbus clouds
- Cumulus congetus clouds
- Cumulus humilis clouds
- Mammatus clouds
- Pileus clouds
- Altocumulus clouds
- Whale's mouth
- Lightning 2006
- Personal Best Lightning
- Halo displays
- Rainbow
- The Sun
- Iridescence

Updated the Webcam page
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July 2 2006:
I bought two new Sigma lenses yesterday! A 10-20 mm wideangle and a tele 135-400 mm. They seem to work perfectly!
Saw a weak NLC display around midnight. Unfortunately they weren't bright and photogenic, but I will add a couple of photos later.
Added more pictures of my 2006 US chases to the site:
- Chase May 28
- Chase May 29
- Chase May 30
- Chase May 31

July 1 2006:
Added a new Photo of the Month
Added more pictures of my 2006 US chases to the site:
- Chase May 24
- Chase May 25
- Chase May 26
June 2006 was a real summer month here in the Netherlands. It was warm (1,5°C above normal), very sunny and extremely dry. Eastern and central parts of the country suffer a serious drought at the moment.
July starts hot, sunny and dry as well. The week ahead will see highs near 30°C almost daily. Thunderstorm chances could slightly increase from Wednesday on.

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