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News July 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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July 31 2005:
An active weather week here in Holland. After the tornadoes on July 25th, waterspouts formed the day after. Wednesday again supercellar tornadoes formed during the evening hours. Damage was in the southwest and over the Veluwe was quite extensive. I've seen the supercell while it passed Soest. Rotation was evident, but not as violently as last Monday.
On Thursday a more isolated cell formed over Brabant, resulting in hail up to 6 cm in diameter. On Friday many more storms formed, producing heavy rain. Lightning was most frequenst in the south of the country. I've seen a dying storm from work, followed by a spectacular sunset.
During Saturday night heavy rain soaked the country. Some locations in the northeast and south measured between 60 and 80 mm in just a few hours time.
Yesterday several thundery showers formed in the south, again they were quite active. Last night and today a back bent occlusion brought heavy rain again, some location received more than 30 mm rain.

July 25 2005:
Unsettled and rather cool summer weather during the last week with lots of clouds and showers/drizzle. I observed thunder on July 18 (about 6 rumbles) and July 20 (3 rumbles).
Today airmass was unstable again, resulting in many showers. At noon a friend/colleague of mine reported a tornado touchdown in Soest! I couldn't see it from my place, so I decided to chase the storm. It turned out to be a spectacular chase! The storm had longlived meso's and underneath the rotating wall clouds funnels could be seen. These funnels were shortlived but reached ground level from time to time, officially making them tornadoes! Unfortunately I was the only one doing the driving, navigating and observing, so I couldn't take pictures all the time, missing some spectacular shots.
Todays pictures

July 17 2005:
Not much to say about Dutch weather. Last week was summerlike at most locations with lots of sun and rather high temperatures. Coastal and northern regions of the country had to deal with low clouds for hours though. Last Friday less warm air moved in, but it didn't result in thunderstorm development.
This weekend calm weather conditions returned, but unfortunately North Sea clouds blocked the sun most of the time.

July 6 2005:
Just as yesterday many showers formed in a polar airmass. This airmass was moist as well, so there was a good chance of spout development. Yesterday several funnels were observed!
I chased a line of showers not far from home. No funnels for me, but very heavy rain and a shelf cloud made it a nice chase.
Pictures of todays showers

July 4 2005:
Yesterday warmer air arrived in the country, resulting in high temperatures of 25 degrees or more at many places inland. Airmass was moist as well, so a couple of thundery showers formed later that day.
Last night a far more active convective complex hit southwest Holland, resulting in flash floods and many lightning strikes. During the day the storms went on, resulting in local 100 mm precipitation. Also wind gusts increased up to 45-50 kts in northern parts of the country. There were several wind damage and tornado reports, but non are confirmed yet.
As I had night shifts I wasn't able to chase today, but I did see some nice phenomena. Between 05.00 and 06.30 LT I saw several roll clouds passing my location, ejected from the storms in the west.
At noon a squall line feature passed my home with a turbulent shelf cloud, heavy rain and gusty winds!

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Todays pictures
- Roll clouds
- Cirrocumulus clouds
- Altocumulus clouds
- Lightning/night time shots of June 30th

July 1 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month
According to the Royal Dutch Met. Office (KNMI), June 2005 was very warm with a mean temperature of 16,8 degrees. June was very sunny as well and most places had below average rainfall.
That was not in the whole of the Netherlands the case. Strong thunderstorms caused flash floodings during the last days of the month. One location, Andel, received 113 mm in just a few hours time.

I did another attempt photographing lightning early Thursday, but most of the lightning was obscured again and activity became less as well. Perhaps I will add a few photos to the site shortly.

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