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News July 2003

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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July 30 2003:
Last monday about 10 waterspouts have been observed over Lake IJsselmeer. A true outbreak!
Today more spouts were expected, so I performed a chase near the lake. For chaselog and pictures, click here

July 26 2003:
Updated the Links Page.

July 24 2003:
Yesterday a couple of waterspouts formed over Lake IJsselmeer, of which at least three made contact with the water surface.
Today a frontal line of storms crossed the country. At last many places received some needed rain! I went to Lake IJsselmeer, hoping to catch a waterspout. Chaselog and pictures can be found here.

July 23 2003:
A hot weekend with highs above 30 degrees at many locations, some stations measured 34°C.
Sunday evening a couple of storms formed, the most active ones in the NE of the country. Monday afternoon another severe storm, a right moving supercell, did damage in eastern parts of The Netherlands. Hail up to 3 cm and heavy gusts were the most destructive, but there also was a potential tornado report. I tried to chase a storm to my NE, but these storms were not rooted in the boundary layer and died pretty soon. The storms were fast moving as well.
Today it's quite warm and slightly unstable. Maybe some airmass storms during the afternoon.

July 18 2003:
Added video stills to the Chase of July 16th.

July 17 2003:
A very hot day yesterday. De Bilt measured 34,3 and Arcen (in the SE) even got 35,8°C!
In the evening storms formed over central parts of the country. The most active one was over the Achterhoek, producing hail up to 3 cm, high wind gusts and a possible tornado.
I chased storms in Flevoland, which were mainly lightning producers. Chase log and pictures can be found here.

July 15 2003:
A hot day with highs around 30 degrees.

Updated the Links Page.

July 13 2003:
Sunny and warm summer weather with little or no precipitation the last couple of days and the days to come. Next wednesday could be really hot, but storms are around the corner!

Recent studies show England and The Netherlands have the most tornadoes/waterspouts of Europe. It looks like Holland now has the highest frequency of reported tornadoes per unit area in the world!

July 6 2003:
The first week of July was pretty unsettled in Holland. Not many photogenic showers, but lots of rain in some places. Eastern parts of the country already received the normal amount of rain for the whole month. Things are drying up at the moment, but the Stratocumulus clouds are still dominating the weather.

July 1 2003:
Added new Photo of the Month.
June 2003 was very warm in Holland, with a mean temperature of 17,8°C. Furthermore it was sunny and pretty dry.

Yesterday the dry period ended with rain and local storms and today more active storms crossed the country. A couple of spouts have been observed in northern parts of the country.
I've chased storms in central parts of The Netherlands. Click for the chase log and pictures.

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