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News January 2009

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January 26 2009:
The last two weeks temperatures turned normal and the weather was unsettled. Especially last Friday, when a deep depression crossed the country. Pressure at sea level dropped to 961hPa, which was near record for January. Earlier last week I stayed at Willingen in Sauerland, Germany for two days. We enjoyed a beautiful ski vacation there!
The next week(s) will likely turn colder again with frosty nights. Hopefully we'll see some snow next week!
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January 12 2009:
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The last two weeks have been (rather) exceptionally cold in the Netherlands. Temperatures remained subzero in most areas and dropped to -10 during the night. A local -20 has been observed last week. Today strong SSW winds advected milder air and ice coverage starts to diminish from now on.
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January 3 2009:
We had to wait a long time, but December 2008 was quite a cold month! It has been the coldest December in the Netherlands since 1996. Furthermore the month ended dry and extremely sunny with a record breaking amount of sunshine, for a December that is. The year as a whole was sunny as well and warm again, though not as warm as the previous years.

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