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News January 2008

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January 9 2008:
The first week of the year had a couple of frosty nights and even some local snow, but from last Friday on the weather turned mild. Often it is quite unsettled, but some days were rather sunny.

New pictures added to the site:

Updated the Links Section

January 2 2008:
What I forgot to mention yesterday; December 2007 was a sunny month with a near normal average temperature. Also the amount of precipitation was quite normal. The month started extremely mild, but ended quite cold. The year 2007 as a whole was extremely warm again, it ended in a tie with the record breaking year 2006. How do you mean global warming? Well, I now only speak for the Netherlands of course...
2008 starts with rather cold conditions. Skies are all blue today! The cold weather won't last, during the weekend milder air is expected.

January 1 2008:
Let me first start wishing all visitors a Happy New Year in which all of your weather wishes may come true!

I decided to make some small adjustments to this website. The photo of the month will now be updated at the end of each month, showing one of the best weather photos I made in that specific month, instead of showing random photos.
In the News and Site Updates section I will now put direct links or thumbnails of the new photos I recently added.
Hopefully these changes will be appreciated!

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