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News January 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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January 31 2005:
Last weekend the colder air was pushed away by mild North Sea air. This resulted in some light snow at some places, but Sunday all precipitation fell as drizzle.

January 22 2005:
Yesterday evening a shockwave of solar particles reached our outer atmosphere and caused bright auroras in many places of the world. In The Netherlands the show was most striking at about 19 UTC and near 22 UTC. Unfortunately I missed this spectacle, but I did see a nice, somewhat faint, aurora glow near 20 UTC!
My photographs of yesterdays aurora display

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Dutch weather should turn more wintry from tomorrow on. During the day most showers will mainly turn to snow, so locations inland could see a white world by Monday morning!

January 21 2005:
Yesterday it was mild again with highs above 10 degrees at most places. An active waving cold front caused serious rainfall in central and southern parts of the country. Locally more than 30 mm came down in just a couple of hours time. There were some pretty nasty wind gusts as well.
Today showers in a polar airmass crossed the country. These were frequent hail/graupel producers and a local thunder could be heard. I went into the open fields again and had a great time watching and photographing these storms passing by!
Todays pictures

January 18 2005:
Last Friday significant colder (less mild) air moved into The Netherlands. Due to nearby high pressure it became dry and perfectly sunny. During the weekend the nights were cold with light to moderate frost at most places. Yesterday milder air returned for a short period of time and today Dutch weather was dominated by wintry showers.
I went out in the open and hoped to see some of those showers as they tend to be rather photogenic. Unfortunately skies were gray most of the time, but I did see a great looking line of showers. They were preceeded by a low hanging shelf cloud. I made some pictures but unfortunately my camera was set on ISO 800, so they turned out not the way I wanted them to be.
Pictures of todays showers

January 12 2005:
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- Halo displays
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- Cirrocumulus clouds
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The extremely mild weather continues. The first 10 days of this year were record breaking warm on many locations in The Netherlands. Last Monday it was sunny with highs above 13 degrees on a large scale, Arcen in the southeast was leading with a high of 14,7°C!
The next few days will see temperatures dropping to more normal values with frost likely during the weekend.

January 9 2005:
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A severe storm yesterday indeed! Over the North Sea winds picked up to hurricane force, causing lots of damage in the UK, Denmark and southern Scandinavia. In The Netherlands highest mean wind speeds were about 10 Beaufort near the Frisian Isles. Furthermore high wind gusts, up to 115 km/hr.
Today the atmosphere calmed down a bit with nice sunny spells. A new weather front is heading our way though with more wind and rain tomorrow and high temperatures of about 12 degrees again!

January 7 2005:
The first week of January (and of 2005) was quite mild and frostfree. Yesterday was very springlike with lots of sunshine, light winds and highs near 8 degrees.
Today it became extremely mild, most places measured 12 degrees, breaking the dayrecord for De Bilt by a full degree. It was also very windy.
Tonight and tomorrow could get even more blustery with a severe gale or storm near the shores and high wind gusts over land! No winter weather in sight for the next days to come.

January 1 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month

December 2004 on the cold side with a mean temperature of about 3,3°C. The month was also slightly on the sunny side and quite dry.
The year 2004 was very mild again and very sunny as well!

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- Winter 2004

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