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News January 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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January 28 2004:
Active snow showers today! This morning already a snowcover of about 5 cm in Soest and there is more to come!

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- Winter 2004.

January 26 2004:
Cold weather with dense fog during the morning. From tomorrow on the risk of snow increases significantly!

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January 23 2004:
Last monday was very rainy! Some stations reported 30 mm or more of rain during a 24h period.
The rest of the week was far less wet and colder with some night frosts and local wintry precipitation.

January 16 2004:
Stormy and very wet weather again! Near the North Sea westerly winds reached severe gale force.

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January 14 2004:
Not much change in Dutch weather lately. Unsettled with squally showers, rain and strong westerly winds. Yesterday coastal areas had to endure gale force winds. Sundays highs were about 10-13 degrees, extremely mild for this time of year.

January 9 2004:
Unsettled weather during the last days. Mostly cloudy with rainy spells and strong winds. Quite mild though with highs between 5 and 10 degrees.

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January 4 2004:
Today the last day of a period with serious winter weather. Last night it started snowing on a large scale, but later snow turned into freezing rain which caused many accidents.
Temperatures will climb to far above freezing later today and also the rest of the week will be quite mild.
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- Winter 2004.

January 3 2004:
Last night brought moderate to severe frost at most locations in Holland. In Rotterdam the mercury came below -10 degrees!
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- Winter 2004.

January 2 2004:
Nice sunny and cold winter weather today with subzero temperatures at most places. The coming night could get nasty cold with lows locally around -10°C!
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- Winter 2004.

January 1 2004:
Added new Photo of the Month.
December 2003 had a pretty normal temperature, averaged over day and night about 4 degrees. It was a quite wet month and there were more hours of sunshine recorded than in an average December.

2003 as a whole was warm: 10,3°C, about 0,5 degrees above "normal". It has been an exceptionally sunny year, about 500 hours more sunshine than in an average year. Furthermore it was pretty dry.

Today, on New Year's Day, a disturbance brought snow to a large part of the country. Most of the white stuff fell in the southwest where up to 7 cm's of snow were reported. Also in Soest, my hometown, it started snowing during the afternoon hours.
Added pictures to the following page:
- Winter 2004.

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