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News February 2005

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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February 28 2005:
The late winter continues. Yesterday many snow showers crossed the country, mainly in the north and west. I've just seen a couple of light ones.
Last night winds dropped, with clear skies and a temperature at 850 hPa of about -16, conditions were ideal for a really chilly night. On my balcony temperature dropped to -8,8°C, but at the nearby airbase Soesterberg it was -11,6. Coldest was Deelen with -12. So last night was the coldest of the winter as a whole in our small country!
Winter aint over yet, the next few days could see quite a lot of snow.

February 24 2005:
Dutch weather turned more wintry with quite low temperatures, It was often cloudy as well and mainly during the last days snow was a common sighting. Most snow fell in northern and southeastern parts of the country. The next couple of days remain wintry!

February 15 2005:
Lots of rain last Thursday and Saturday! Some places received up to 70 mm. Also a very strong wind on Saturday. I witnessed large branches being snapped like matches.
Sunday less mild air moved in with wintry showers again. Sunday evening and during Monday I saw multiple snow showers and also a nice Cb with large mammatus clouds. Unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot any photos.

February 6 2005:
The first days of the month were dominated by a northwesterly flow of moist and rather mild air. It stayed mainly overcast with an occasional drizzle.
Yesterday winds backed to the southeast, so drier and less mild air moved in. Clouds started to dissipate, resulting in more clear skies and frosty nights.

February 1 2005:
Added a new Photo of the Month

January 2005 was a quite boring winter month. With an average temperature of 5,3°C it was mild. It was also dry and very sunny. On only 10 days the temperature dropped below freezing during the night. Especially the first 10 days of the month were extremely mild with temperatures more suitable for April.

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