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News February 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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February 29 2004:
Cold winter weather with lows below minus 10 degrees at some stations in the south. Yesterday airbase Volkel reported -10,7 and today Woensdrecht went down to -10,0°C. There a significant snow cover was present, as snow showers mainly affected the southern half of the country. What a strange month this was with extremely mild temperatures during the first week and real winter weather in the last week.

February 26 2004:
A polar low turned much of Holland white this morning. Mainly in central and southern parts of the country between 5 and 10 cm snow came down. During the day most of the snow fell in the southeast. Also tonight an active disturbance could produce heavy snow in the southwest of The Netherlands.
Added new pictures to the following page:
- Winter 2004

February 25 2004:
Last evening rain turned to sleet and today many strong wintry showers crossed the country. I went out to photograph some of these.
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- Chase February 25

February 23 2004:
It turned colder in The Netherlands from last weekend on. Frost during the night and today some wintry showers. This colder weather will persist for the remainder of the month.
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- Winter 2004

February 19 2004:
Some more sunshine from today on, but also colder with frost during the night and a brisk easterly wind.
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- Spring
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February 14 2004:
Due to a high pressure area, weather is quiet, rather mild and grey most of the time, thus quite boring. Not much action on the horizon as well...

February 8 2004:
A severe westerly gale last night near the southwestern shores of Holland. This was accompanied by intense wind gusts, up to almost 150 km/h near Rotterdam. A loud thunder woke me up last night, as strong thunderstorms crossed the country.
During the day winds veered to the northwest, advecting even more unstable polar air. Numerous showers formed, often producing graupel and sleet and even some thunder. Near the western shores winds reached severe gale force again. Nice weather!
I performed a small chase to intercept some of the wintry showers. Click here for the chaselog and pictures.

February 5 2004:
The server hosting my Webcam and most recent pictures had a hardware failure yesterday, but is back online now.

Yesterday a new temperature record was set in The Netherlands. The mercury in Eindhoven reached 18,0°C, a record high for the first 10 days of February. The daily average temperature was above 14 degrees at some locations, which is more normal for early June!

February 4 2004:
Extreme mild temperatures! Yesterday De Bilt measured 16,1 degrees and never has it been so warm so early in the year.
Today it's even milder with highs just above 17 degrees in many places in the south. The north has to deal with rain and somewhat lower temperatures.
The next two days the mild weather persists, but this weekend it will turn significantly cooler!

The server hosting most of my weather pictures seems to be down today. Hopefully they are working on it.

February 1 2004:
Added a new Photo of the Month.
Updated the Links Page.
January 2004 was quite mild, had a normal amount of sunshine, but was exceptionally wet. On average about 114 mm of rain came down. The long year average for January stands at 69 mm.

February starts extremely mild with highs above 10 degrees. The next days could see highs near 15°C!
Yesterday evening and last night a storm caused lots of discomfort and damage. This was caused by high winds, gusting up to 120 km/h at some locations.

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