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News February 2003

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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February 28 2003:
More sunshine and high temperatures! Yesterday De Bilt measured 16,3 and today the high was about 15°C.

February 25 2003:
The sunny weather seems neverending. Now we have 10 days in a row without a significant cloud cover. February 2003 will become the sunniest February ever recorded in The Netherlands!
Furthermore, temperatures are very pleasant. After some early frost, the temperature rises up to 11-14°C in the afternoon!

February 21 2003:
From sunday on clear skies and bright sunshine. The humidity was quite low. During the night it kept on freezing, but the highs are climbing every day. Today a 10C is possible!

February 15 2003:
Updated the Links Page.

February 14 2003:
Last tuesday and wednesday were dissapointing days here in Soest with stratus clouds and fog patches.
Yesterday and today the clouds dissapeared and it was bright and sunny. Temperatures are well below normal with moderate frost during the night and highs just above freezing.

Added the Amarillo webcam at the Webcam Page.

February 11 2003:
The wintry showers stopped last friday. The weekend brought some boring weather: drizzle, cloudy and mild temperatures.
From yesterday on the cloudcover start to diminish and temperatures dropped during the night with light to moderate frost.
This morning dense fog formed in the southern half of the country.

February 4 2003:
The active wintry showers keep on coming!
Yesterday a spout or severe downburst winds caused damage in northern Belgium.
Today a waterspout came ashore in Sexbierum (Friesland) and caused lots of damage to a greenhouse.

February 3 2003:
Lots of snow saturday! In Soest a layer of about 5 cm snow covered the ground, but in the southwest some places got more than 20 cm of that white stuff!
Yesterday thaw conquered the country, but from today on the showers will turn wintry once more!

Updated the Links Page.

February 1 2003:
Added new Photo of the Month.

January 2003 was cold and sunny.
Today a frontal system will pass the country with light to moderate snow.

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