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News February 2002

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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February 2002
February 28 2002:
The last week had very interesting weather!
Last weekend many wintry showers crossed the country, producing graupel, sleet, thunder and high gusts. Some stations reported gusts near 100 km/h and that resulted in many uprooted trees. There were even a few tornadoreports!

Tuesday, February 26, severe gale to stormwinds battered our coast with inlands gusts up to 110 km/h! Again lots of damage.
Yesterday evening a nice line of thunderstorms rolled in from the west, but unfortunately the storms died before reaching Soest. I heard Amsterdam Airport Schiphol got hit by lightning and therefore the weatherreports were unavailable for a couple of hours. The small village of Rijsenhout, near Schiphol, got hit by extreme straight line winds or a tornado! It caused large damage to some rooftops; parts were found hundreds of meters away from the buildings.

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February 21 2002:
Tuesday February 19 a very active squall line passed Holland from north to south. Many places reported hail, thunder and strong gusts. In Soest I saw some small hail/graupel of about 3 mm.
Yesterday evening again active showers in our country. The southwest got many lightningstrikes and Vlissingen reported a windgust of 34 m/s. At 19.10 LT I saw a very bright flash, followed by a loud thunder.
Last night northern winds reached galeforce at the coast and this morning it was bit white because of nocturnal graupel- and snow showers.
Today it's completely sunny again. Nice weather!

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February 18 2002:
After four clear days the rain returned last night. Lowest temperature yesterdaymorning in Soesterberg: -8°C.
This week will be wet and windy again, but not as mild as last week.

February 15 2002:
The wet and mild weather is history for now! Wednesday much cooler air rushed in, resulting in some showers with reports of funnel clouds from the west of the country. Yesterday and today perfectly clear and dry, but with 5°C a bit cold. Last night my thermometer went down tot -2,7°C. Leeuwarden, in the north, reported -7 degrees! This was the first widespread frost in The Netherlands since January 10.

February 12 2002:
Wet wet wet...
In Soest and surrounding areas fell about 25 mm rain yesterday. The province of Drenthe got between 30 and 40 mm!

It's been 30 days since the last day with frost. The last 4 weeks were almost as warm as the mildest March since 1706 in The Netherlands!
From tomorrow on it will become significantly cooler with frost in the night. Brrrrrrr...

February 10 2002:
The unseasonably mild weather continues, although today it's a bit cooler with a maximumtemperature of 8 degrees. Furthermore some active showers yesterday afternoon in parts of the country. In the east and south reports of hail and thunder. Where is the winter??

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February 5 2002:
Lots of rain last evening and night. Most places got between 10 and 20 mm.

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February 3 2002:
Recordbreaking temperatures yesterday! Temperatures reached 15°C at many places in the country. At one station in the southeast (in Limburg) temps went up to 18,3°C! My (balcony)thermometer measured 17,2°C.
Today another very mild (spring)day, but less sunny then yesterday.

February 1 2002:
Added new Photo of the Month.

January broke a couple of temperaturerecords this year, especially the last decade. The mean temperature in De Bilt was 4,4°C, almost 2 degrees above normal.
February started just as mild as January ended. Tomorrow could become an even more extreme day with temperatures reaching as high as 15 degrees! Good news for the royal wedding.

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