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News December 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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December 30 2004:
The last week of December had some nice wintry surprises. During Christmas colder air moved in resulting in a couple of wintry showers on December 25th. During the night temperatures dropped to -5 at some places and dense fog formed. This fog was very persistent in eastern parts of the country resulting in traffic accidents on December 26th.
This was followed by another cold night with lows locally of -8. Again persistent fog in the east on December 27th resulting in a thick layer of hoar frost.
On December 28th a frontal system caused moderate snow at many places resulting in 5-10 cm layering, mainly in the eastern half of The Netherlands.
Later that day milder air moved in, but the frosty ground kept in place causing very slippery roads.

The last days of the month and of 2004 are mild again with highs near 10 degrees and some rain or drizzle.

December 21 2004:
At last, sunshine! From Sunday on skies cleared and the temperature dropped. On Saturday there were plenty wintry showers, especially in the north, causing many traffic accidents. The last two nights were very frosty with a local -9 degrees! My thermometer went down to -5,3°C last night, making it the coldest night so far this winter.

Mild air should conquer the country again by tomorrow afternoon, but with Christmas nearing, the wintry showers are around the corner again!

December 14 2004:
Not much change in Dutch weather which is dominated by high pressure for quite a while now. So no active weather fronts and unforntunately no sunshine as well. It's been overcast with Stratus and Stratocumulus clouds for almost two weeks in a row and it's been cold as well with subzero temperatures most of the time. Fortunately things should change dramatically from tomorrow on with more wind, rain and rising temperatures!

December 9 2004:
The first week of December was extremely dull weatherwise. Hardly any sunshine, light winds and no precipitation. Last night skies cleared and it became frosty, but today dull Stratus clouds dominate the weather again. Maybe some more sunshine tomorrow?
Updated the Links section.
Added new pictures to the following page:
- Autumn

December 1 2004:
Added a new Photo of the Month

November 2004 was a perfectly normal month with no extremes in temperature, precipitation or sunshine.
Autumn 2004 as a whole was very sunny, rather dry and quite mild.

The new winter season starts with wintry conditions in eastern parts of the country. Local frost during the night and sleet in the afternoon. In my hometown no snow or sleet, but ordinary rain with temperatures of about 3°C.

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