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News December 2002

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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December 24 2002:
Winter returned for a few days last week with some frosty nights. In the northeast the cold air was very persistent, resulting in large temperaturedifferences between the south and the north.
Last Sunday an active frontal system brought 25 mm of rain to many parts of the country. Today, the day before Christmas, mild air conquered the whole country again. In Soest my thermometer measured 11°C!

December 20 2002:
Again cold weather in Holland. Frosty nights with lows around -5°C and highs just above freezing.

December 16 2002:
After a couple of very cold days with temperatures during the night down to -10°C and highs below freezing, milder air tried to conquer the country last weekend. The result was freezing rain and lots of problems for traffic. In the north it kept on freezing untill today.

December 9 2002:
Last Saturday winter arrived with some freezing rain and light snow. Temperatures dropped to below zero.
Last night my thermometer measured -6,4°C. In the east it was between -8 and -9.
The first ice skating competitions are held today!

December 7 2002:
Winter arrives in The Netherlands! With brisk easterly winds temperatures dropped to near freezing. Some places got some snow grains.
The next couple of days look much colder with temperatures during the day well below zero.

December 1 2002:
Added new Photo of the Month. (only at the introduction page for now)

November 2002 was mild, sunny and wet in The Netherlands.
Autumn 2002 overall was mild and sunny.
When December gets an average temperature of 1.3 degrees or more above normal, 2002 will be the warmerst year ever recorded in Holland.

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