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Chases 2007

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[NL and EU chases]

Chase July 16 July 16, near Amersfoort.
Event: Weak squall line with a nice shelf cloud
Chase July 10 July 10, Flevoland.
Event: Strong convection and a funnel cloud!
Chase July 9 July 9, central Netherlands.
Event: Strong polar air-mass showers and thunderstorms
Chase July 3 July 3, Flevoland.
Event: Line convection with embedded rotating storms!
Chase June 14 June 14, Flevoland.
Event: A classic supercell with amazing structure!
Chase June 8 June 8, central Netherlands.
Event: Multiple strong thunderstorms producing frequent lightning.
Chase May 31 May 31, near Amersfoort.
Event: Distant storm and nice rainbow
Chase May 21 May 21, exteme SE Benelux.
Event: Storms didn't form; busted!

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