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Chases 2002

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[US chase vacation]

June 1, Amarillo (TX) - DFW.
Event: Travel day.
May 31, Amarillo (TX).
Event: Off day.
Happy May 30 May 30, western TX and southern New Mexico.
Event: Off day; visited Happy TX, 25 days after the tornado and Carlsbad Caverns.
Chase May 29 May 29, southern Texas panhandle.
Event: Unexpected storms.
Chase May 28 May 28, SW Texas.
Event: Splitting multicell storm and nice lightning.
Chase May 27 May 27, central Texas panhandle.
Event: Supercell storms.
Chase May 26 May 26, Texas panhandle.
Event: Line of high based storms and lots of dust.
May 25, Amarillo (TX).
Event: Off day.
Chase May 24 May 24, SE Texas panhandle.
Event: Frustrating chase, but very nice mammatus.
Chase May 23 May 23, northern and eastern Texas panhandle.
Event: Supercell and great lightning show.
May 22, Amarillo (TX).
Event: Off day.
May 21, central Kansas.
Event: Storms didn't form; busted! Visited Cheyenne Bottoms.
May 20, Amarillo (TX).
Event: Off day; visited Amarillo Zoo.
May 19, eastern New Mexico.
Event: Off day; visited Conchas Lake and Dam.
May 18, Amarillo (TX).
Event: Off day.
Chase May 17 May 17, south central Texas.
Event: Busted on a fast moving storm.
Chase May 16 May 16, northern Texas panhandle.
Event: Supercell produces large hail.
Chase May 15 May 15, eastern Colorado to south central Kansas.
Event: Strong thunderstorm produces nice lightning.
May 14, eastern New Mexico and western Texas panhandle.
Event: Weak mountain convection.
May 13, central Texas panhandle.
Event: Off day; visited Lake Meredith.
May 12, northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.
Event: Off day.
Chase May 11 May 11, south central Kansas.
Event: Squall line with an embedded supercell and a strong gustnado.
Chase May 10 May 10, southern Texas panhandle.
Event: Beautiful hail producing severe thunderstorm.
May 9, central Texas panhandle.
Event: Off day; visited Cadillac Ranch
Chase May 8 May 8, north central Oklahoma.
Event: Line of thunderstorms.
Chase May 7 May 7, south central Kansas.
Event: Tornadic supercell and a tornado.
May 6, western Oklahoma.
Event: Storms didn't form; busted!
May 5, Amsterdam - Atlanta - DFW - Amarillo (TX).
Event: Travel day.

[NL chases]

Chase July 31 July 31, northern and eastern Netherlands.
Event: Great storms with a superb whale's mouth.
Chase July 30 July 30, Soest.
Event: stationary thunderstorms in the afternoon and linear storms in the evening.
Chase July 9 July 9, southern Flevoland.
Event: Active storm with phenomenal shelf cloud.
Chase June 18 June 18, central Netherlands.
Event: Typical Dutch thunderstorms.
Chase March 18 March 18, Soest.
Event: Line of storms at sunset.

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