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Bernard Hulshof was born in 1975 in the northern Dutch town Assen. Now he lives in Utrecht, a town in the centre of the country, where he's working as a meteorologist/forecaster for Weathernews Benelux. During the mid to late 90s he studied meteorology at Wageningen University and Research Centre.

His fascination with weather photography mainly began during 1995. In that time he had just started as a student and lived in a room at the 10th floor, so he had a tremendous view at the surrounding skies. Unfortunately he lost this amazing view after a few years, so he was forced to use a car or bike to go out and see more of the clouds and storms passing by. This soon resulted in storm chasing and his first real successful storm chase was on April 17 2000, chasing polar air-mass showers together with Harald Edens and Floris Bijlsma.
The last couple of years he performed many more chases, both in The Netherlands and surrounding areas and on the great plains of the USA.

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Photo credit: Oscar van der Velde

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