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News August 2006

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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August 29 2006:
Not much change in the unsettled and cool Dutch weather. Heavy showers and thunderstorms in an unstable polar air-mass keep going on, sometimes producing land- and waterspouts and small hail. Yesterday I performed a small chase in the province Flevoland. I hoped to see a spout and did! But I wasn't able to photograph it, I only managed to shoot the funnel cloud while driving and using a wide angle lens. Photo here
Other photos of August 28 chase

August 26 2006:
Yesterday heavy showers and thunderstorms caused flash floods again. In the east of the country two people were killed by lightning. Furthermore spouts are seen almost on a daily base. Last Thursday I did an attempt chasing spouts over lake IJsselmeer, but there wasn't much convection going on.
Photos of August 24th chase

August 24 2006:
Although yesterdays weather was quite nice and calm, the unsettled and cool weather continues in the Netherlands. It's still very likely this will become the wettest month ever recorded in our nation. Today a couple of strong storms formed again, perhaps I will perform a chase later today. I did chase some nice storms last Monday, together with Ben Lankamp. It all wasn't very photogenic, we did see several very close lightning strikes. Unfortutanetly we weren't able to capture these.
Photos of August 21st chase
Photos of a storm seen from work on August 16

August 21 2006:
Experienced a quite strong polar air-mass thunderstorm in my hometown yesterday afternoon. Many strikes of which some were rather close! I filmed a part of this storm and added some stills to the Lightning 2006 gallery.
The unsettled weather continues. Many strong to severe storms cross the country from time to time, sometimes producing flash floods. This month can become the wettest one ever recorded in the Netherlands!
Updated the Links section

August 15 2006:
Yesterday many places in western parts of the country received more than 50 mm of rain, which resulted in flash flooding in some places. In IJmuiden (west coast) serious wind damage occured, possibly as a result from a tornadic waterspout or extreme wind gusts.
Updated the Links section
Added new pictures to the following sections:
- Rainbow
- Tornadoes and funnel clouds
- Halo Displays
- Cumulus congestus clouds
- Pileus clouds

August 14 2006:
The wet, cool and rather cloudy weather continues in the Netherlands. Several strong to severe thunderstoms caused locallised flash flooding last week and temperatures stayed below 20°C most of the time. Last weekend the weather slightly improved with some more sunshine and warmer temperatures, but on Saturday several showers produces multiple land- and waterspouts! One spout was seen for nearly 45 minutes near the town of Zwolle. I caught a few spouts while bird watching in Flevoland! I will add photos of these to the site later this week.
Today an active frontal system causes heavy rain again, mainly in western parts of the country. Later this week the atmosphere is likely to warm up, but it stayes unsettled, so chances for (thunder)storms remain high. What a great month so far!

August 5 2006:
What a week! An upper level low combined with high sea surface temperatures resulted in many strong to severe showers and thunderstorms, often producing torrential rain. Some locations already received twice the amount of rain of a normal August month. And this after the extremely dry month of July! There were multiple spout observations as well and most importanly; I had success while chasing waterspouts over lake IJsselmeer! On August 3rd I went to the lake together with Ben Lankamp and there we saw multiple funnel clouds and one full grown waterspout. Pictures of this waterspout chase!
Also added pictures to the following sections:
- Rainbow
- Tornadoes and funnel clouds
- The Sun
- Halo Displays
- Cumulonimbus clouds
- Cumulus congestus clouds
- Roll clouds
- Wall clouds
- Mammatus clouds
- Pileus clouds
- Altocumulus clouds
- Cirrocumulus clouds
- Fog

August 1 2006:
Added a new Photo of the Month
Updated the Links section
July 2006 set many new records, one being the warmest month in the Netherlands since records began back in 1706. The average temperature was 22,3°C (normally 17,4). Furthermore the month was the second sunniest July ever recorded and it was also very dry at many places.
August starts unsettled though with many showers and thunderstorms, strong westerly winds and cool temperatures. Already several (water)spouts have been observed and many will follow I guess. I did see some nice storms during the last days of which I will add pictures shortly!

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