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News August 2004

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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August 31 2004:
The August precipitation record was beaten by station Maasland where 325 mm was recorded. This makes August 2004 the wettest month ever recorded at an official KNMI-station. Furthermore August was warm with a mean temperature of 18,9 degrees and had the normal amount of sunshine.
Summer 2004 as a whole was the wettest summer in at least 50 years.

August 26 2004:
The region near Rotterdam and The Hague, Maasland, is just a few mm's short of the all time August precipitation record of 295 mm set back in 2002 in Eext. With a wet Friday ahead, that record seems beatable!
During the last days a couple of waterspouts were observed near the North Sea coastline.

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Rainbow
- Cumulonimbus Clouds
- Cumulus congestus Clouds
- Shelf Clouds
- Whale's Mouth Clouds

August 24 2004:
Yesterday during late afternoon, a supercell formed near Leiden and moved NE. Near Muiden and Weesp, a densely populated area, a tornado formed at 18 LT. This tornado caused F1 and local F2 damage. In Almere heavy rain and hail up to 5 cm caused lots of damage. As I wasn't at home, I unfortunately missed all the action.
Today there was another chance of some nice summerlike convection. As upper air cooled down significantly in combination with troughs and a jet stream, storms were expected to form easily. I chased todays convection and had great fun in Flevoland!
Pictures of todays chase!

August 22 2004:
The wet weather continues. Last Wednesday an active thunderstorm moved over southeastern parts of the country. The day after a small but active low pressure area moved north near the Dutch coastline, producing severe gales and squally showers. I went out to photograph some of these showers near my hometown. Click here for photos
Friday more heavy showers caused local flooding in western parts of the country, after 70 mm rain fell down in Noord-Holland. Yesterday during the early morning heavy showers and thunderstorms again produced local flooding, now mainly in the southwest of the country. Today it was much calmer, but a few showers over the North Sea produced waterspouts.

August 16 2004:
The wet weather continues, mainly in the north and west of the country. The area near Rotterdam received more than 70 mm at some locations yesterday. A thunderstorm woke me at 04.20 LT that night. It is quite warm though with highs near 25 degrees.
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Cirrus Clouds
- Summer

August 14 2004:
During the last days the Dutch heatwave came to an end. Remnants of the former tropical cyclone Alex brought moist and gradually less warm air to the country, resulting in heavy downpours. Most rain fell in northern parts of the country, where locally more than 150 mm rain was measured in a 3 day period. The Frisian town of Franeker received 150 mm in just one day! Also, a couple of waterspouts have been observed.
Last Thursday, I observed a line of thunderstorms near my parents place. It was not that active at my location, but a massive storm passed a couple of miles to my west!

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Storm of August 12th
- The Sun
- Cirrus Clouds
- Altocumulus Clouds

August 10 2004:
A heatwave has conquered The Netherlands! Yesterday, national royal met. office declared the heatwave official when De Bilt got it's third tropical day (highs > 30°C) in a period with at least five following days with highs above 25 degrees. Soesterberg measured a high of 33,5 degrees yesterday! The northeast of the country already has 6 tropical days in a row.
Even more exceptional where the high lows. Yesterdays daily low was no less than 20,8 degrees in De Bilt, an alltime record!

Today, rain and thunderstorms move in from the southwest, trying to push the hot air out of the country. Maybe some lightning tonight?

August 4 2004:
Warm summer weather in The Netherlands! Highs are between 25 and 30°C on a daily base. Unfortunately storm chances are quite low though.

Added new pictures to the following pages:
- The Sun
- Fog

August 1 2004:
Added a new Photo of the Month.

July 2004 had a slightly below normal temperature, nearly the normal amount of sunshine, but it was a very wet month. Locally up to 190 mm rain was recorded.

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