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News August 2003

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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August 30 2003:
Yesterday the drought ended at many locations in The Netherlands. Mainly the southeast had to deal with moderate to heavy rain. In Limburg locally 50-70 mm was observed.
Today the upper air cooled of significantly and that resulted in many showers. I went to Lake IJsselmeer again for a waterspout chase.
Chase log and pictures can be found here.

August 25 2003:
The drought continues in Holland, so no storms and/or storm chasing for me! It's been a very disapointing summer stormwise. Maybe September has some surprises in store for us?

August 15 2003:
The dutch heat wave ended last wednesday and lasted 14 days. De Bilt measured 7 days with highs above 30°C, a new record! Arcen, in the southeast had 12 of those and measured three days with highs above 37 degrees. Highest temperature was 37,8 on August 7.
The heat was removed by winds shifting to the northwest, but no storms formed so the drought continues. This could be the driest summer ever recorded in The Netherlands.

Updated the Links Page.

August 10 2003:
A heat wave has conquered The Netherlands! Temperatures went up to as high as 37,8°C degrees in Arcen, just 0,8 degrees below the record temperature from 1944. Also the weather is sunny and dry, although the coastal areas had to deal with sea fog.
De Bilt now has 10 days in a row with highs above 25 degrees of which 5 had a high above 30°C. Maybe some thunderstorms tomorrow??

August 6 2003:
Added new Webcams from around the world.
Added two links to my May 8 tornado chase account.

August 5 2003:
The warm summer weather continues with lots of sunshine and pleasant NE winds. Still no official heatwave though. Therefore we need at least 3 more days with highs above 30 degrees in De Bilt. That looks to be no problem as the days ahead should produce those tropical temperatures. No storms in sight unfortunately!

Added new pictures to the following categories:
- Winter 2003
- Spring
- Summer
- Halo Display
- The Sun

August 1 2003:
Added new Photo of the Month.
July 2003 was very warm in Holland, with a mean temperature of 18,8°C. Furthermore it was pretty sunny and rather dry.

Added lightning pictures to the July 16 chase.
It looks like a true heatwave is around the corner!

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