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News August 2002

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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August 26 2002:
An interesting week!
Tuesday August 20 strong to severe storms affected much of the country with heavy rainfall. Some places got more than 50 mm in just a few hours again. I saw very dark skies at the beginning of the evening which became green and white later.

Saturday August 24th was even more spectacular with torrential rain and lots of lightning. I was in the northeast and expierenced a cloudburst in Oosterhesselen. The city of Assen got flooded as well, as 120 mm of rain came down. In the southwest some places almost got 140 mm rain within 24 hours. Amazing!
This summer now officialy has 12 days on which at least one official rainstation got 50 mm or more. This is a tie with last years record and summer isn't over yet! Fortunately temperatures are quite mild.

August 19 2002:
After a couple of hot and dry summerdays storms returned to The Netherlands. Yesterday evening the southwest had some nasty gust producing thunderstorms.
Today the southeast got strong storms. Up to 16000 strikes, torrential rain and large hail were the ingredients for a nice party. I haven't seen any storms unfortunately. More luck tomorrow?

August 15 2002:
A couple of dry days. Temperatures are rising as well. Today bright skies and warm with a local 30°C.

August 11 2002:
Friday I went to lake IJsselmeer again in hope to see a waterspout, but they didn't form. I did see an active thunderstorm over Almere. In the evening an even more active electrical storm passed Soest, producing up to 17 discharges/minute.

Also this weekend there were many active storms. Yesterday the northeast suffered from heavy rain and high winds, today eastern parts of the country got locally flooded. What a summer!

August 9 2002:
I've been on a chase yesterday with Oscar van der Velde. We were looking for waterspouts near lake IJsselmeer, but there wasn't enough convection. We've chased a storm with torrential rainfall in Noord Holland and saw suspicious lowerings, but no spouts. Later we found out that a landspout did serious (F1) damage in the northeast (Groningen).

August 8 2002:
Since last saturday dozens of spouts have been observed in The Netherlands. A true outbreak!

Wow, I've got my site updated again. Thanks to! But, I don't have any webspace left, so no new pictures for a while I guess. I hope to update this newspage and the webcam frequently though.

August 6 2002:
Again, torrential rainfall last night. The city of Hilversum got flooded and also the southwest suffered from cloudbursts. Here nearly 100 mm came down in a short time. Amazing!

August 5 2002:
Added new Photo of the Month.

July had a normal temperature, but was quite dull and wet.
August started warm, but with many thunderstorms.
On July 31 I chased storms in eastern and northern parts of the country.
Chaselog and pictures

Last weekend and also today storms kept on forming. There are many reports of waterspouts!
Many produced torrential rainfall, also in Soest. In the southwest some places got around 80 mm of rain in a few hours time!

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