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News August 2001

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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August 2001
August 31 2001:
Some active showers in The Netherlands today. A thundery one woke me at 15 LT (I'm having nightshifts).
Added new Photo of the Month.

August 26-27 2001:
The heatwave in The Netherlands came to an end with some fenomenal thunderstorms. In the later afternoon (about 17:30 LT) a thunderstorm passed Soest with some lightning and thunder. Most activity was to the west though.
At 22:45, when I got home from work, a new storm was about to hit Soest. I tried to chase this one, but due to lack of gas and aquaplaning I gave up. I went to the meadows between Soest and Amersfoort and saw for over 2 hours of lightningactivity. Because of the rain I wasn't able to do any photography, but I did shoot an hour of videomaterial

August 25 2001:
A hot day today. My thermometer reached 33.4°C.
Added new pictures to the following sections:
- Winter 2000
- Winter 2001
- Chase September 15 2000

August 23 2001:
Added new lightning pictures from July 27th and August 3rd.

August 21 2001:
My lightning pictures from August 3rd turned out to be great! Also the photo's I made from last sunday's funnel cloud are quite a success.
Lightning 1
Lightning 2
Lightning 3
Lightning 4
Lightning 5
Funnel Cloud 1
Funnel Cloud 2
Funnel Cloud 3

I've added a webcam page. My webcam is not 24 hours a day online though, but check it out often.

August 18-19 2001:
No strong storms at my location this weekend, but some very severe ones in southwestern parts of The Netherlands.
I did see a nice funnel cloud on sunday 19th of August at 4.15 PM. While walking over a campsite in Oude Willem with my grandparents I saw a funnel from an ordinary Cumulus congestus cloud. It didn't reach the ground, but it was a stunning sight.

August 15-16 2001:
Wednesday August 15th has been the hottest day this year so far. My thermometer reached 33,5°C!
At work (night shift) I saw spectacular sheet lightning from a storm over eastern parts of The Netherlands.
At 04.20 AM a thunderstorm passed Soest with some nice lightning and thunder.
Again at 07.00 AM an active thunderstorm passed Soest with great purple discharges. No time to chase the storm though...

August 8 2001:
Lots of active showers the last couple of days. Heard some thundery ones at work this afternoon.
Many reports of possible landspouts/tornadoes in The Netherlands in the last week!

August 7 2001:
A nice thunderstorm awoke me at 04.00 AM. Loud thunders and heavy rainfall.

August 6 2001:
Uploaded new pictures to the following sections:
- Winter
- Chase May 3 2001
- Chase April 25 2001
- Altocumulus
- Cumulonimbus
- Cirrocumulus
- Cirrus
- Cumulus congestus
- Cumulus humilis
- Stratus

August 5 2001:
Uploaded new pictures to the following section:
- Chase June 7 1999.

August 2-3 2001:
Performed a chase with Harald Edens from Soest to Nieuwleusen. There we saw a spectacular thunderstorm with many close strikes and heavy downpours.
Videostillshot preview

The photographs of the lightning of July 27 turned out to be failure. The machine at the store destroyed half (the best half) of my shots. I will upload the other shots soon.

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