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News April 2007

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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April 27 2007:
Wow, what can I say. Not one drop of rain, plenty of sunshine and recordbreaking temperatures nearly every day! Summer seems to have arrived very early this year. The week ahead will see slighly less warm temperatures, but rain or showers still seem out of the question. When can I perform my first storm chase?

April 17 2007:
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The "April heatwave" came to an end today as skies became cloudy and temperatures barely reached 15°C. Last days highs were record breaking for many locations in the Low Countries. A local 30°C was measured! The drought seems to continue during the next couple of days, so unfortunately no chase options...

April 14 2007:
Wow, Summer 2007 started early! April has been sunny and dry so far and temperatures climbed above 20°C for the first time this year yesterday. Today and the days ahead will even see highs of 25 degrees! Not the best weather a storm chaser would like to see, but I defenitly prefer this summerlike weather above 10 degrees and gloomy skies.

April 3 2007:
Added a new Photo of the Month
March 2007 was a mild month again with lots of sunshine and near normal amounts of precipitation. April started with wonderfull Spring weather as well, but today skies turned gloomy. A brisk northerly wind and highs near 10°C made it rather cold outside as well.

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