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News April 2003

On this page I make notice of the latest updates to the site (new pictures etc.), tell something about interesting actual weather at my location, or about a performed chase.

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April 30 2003:
Many squally and thundery showers the last couple of days. Queens Day turned out to be dissapointing at many locations because of the wet weather.

April 27 2003:
Yesterday there were a few locations where wind damage was done in both The Netherlands and Belgium. In Geldrop (NL) and Aarle-Rixtel (NL) there has likely been a tornado as well as in Beringen (B). Also, in Beverlo (B) and Paal (B) there was wind damage. All these places lay on one line. In Turnhout (B) there was also wind damage. The tornadoes formed on a cold front south of a developing baroclinic wave in a very moist air-mass. Soundings taken ahead of the front showed some low-level latent instability (CAPE) and quite some low-level helicity. Also, LCL heights were very low.
Furthermore lots of rain came down in many parts of the country. Some stations reported 20-30 mm in just a few hours. This was the first significant rainfall in more than three weeks!

April 22 2003:
Added new pictures to the following pages:
- Cumulonimbus
- Cumulus congestus
- Sun

April 21 2003:
After a warm day the airmass became slightly unstable. A line of storms formed over the province of Flevoland. These storms were high based and severe weather was not to be expected. I chased these storms and as they were nearly stationary it wasn't that difficult. Chaselog and pictures can be found here.
More storms formed near a cold front over Belgium and southern parts of the Netherlands. Lightning and hail up to 1 cm were observed. AT least we had some action!

April 17 2003:
The warm and sunny weather continues. Highs went up to 26 degrees last tuesday.
It has been exactly three years since I performed my first real storm chase. On April 17 2000 Harald Edens, Floris Bijlsma and I saw some nice thundery showers. Report and pictures can be found here: here.

April 15 2003:
Warm summer weather from last weekend on. No more night frost and highs well above 20°C. Today, even a local 25 degrees is possible!
The weather is quite boring, just clear skies and a low humidity.

April 10 2003:
Some cold winter weather the last couple of days. In an arctic airmass temperatures dropped to as low as -8 during the night. Highs were well below 10°C.
Yesterday and mainly last night some stations received snow!

Warmer air will try to reach us from next weekend on. Bring on the storms!

April 3 2003:
An active cold front brought 10-20 mm rain last tuesday. It was very welcome!
Yesterday and today many squally April showers formed in a cool northwesterly airflow. The first convection I've seen in months!
Tonight some sharp frost is likely.

April 1 2003:
Added new Photo of the Month.
March 2003 was mild, dry and extremely sunny. 199 hours of sunshine were recorded, making March 2003 the sunniest on record.

April started off unsettled though and this afternoon and evening we will have our first significant rainfall in three weeks!

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