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Chase May 31 2005

Route:Soest - Amersfoort - Barneveld - Ede - Arnhem - German border - Zevenaar

With a westerly flow a cool and slightly unstable polar air mass was advected over the low countries. A surface trough and minimal daytime heating were enough for convective initiation during the morning hours.
At the end of the morning convective towers near my hometown looked interesting enough for me to go out and take a closer look. I went to the polder near Amersfoort, from where I had a perfect view at a developing storm to my southeast. Upward motion could be seen with the naked eye and updrafts showed nice solid and crisp towers. At noon clouds associated with an approaching weak line of showers from the west obscured the view to the southeast, so I decided it was time to chase. I drove via A1 and A30 highways towards Ede and got very close to the base of the nice looking storm. I stopped at a rest place and from there I could see spectacular white hail streaks and nice updraft towers. In the core bright white branched CG's showed up once in while, creating amazing loud claps of thunder.
The storm moved off to the east and I followed it using the A12 highway. My intention was to get in front of the line of storms, but near the German border I realised that seemed hard to do. Furthermore, German freeways don't have many exits and rest places often lack good vantage points. So I decided to turn around and take the first exit in the Netherlands. There I let the storm pass, showing a nice whale's mouth display at that point. I drove further west and encountered small hail (about 0,5 cm) and heavy rain. West of this line I saw another more photogenic storm to the south. But due to forests and me driving the car I was unable to take any good pictures of this cell.
All in all it was a pretty satisfying chase for me!


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