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Chase August 30 2003

Route:Soest - Lelystad - Markerwaarddijk - Swifterbant - Soest

Unfortunately the month of August was very dry in The Netherlands, so there weren't many storms to chase. During the last weekend weather became more unsettled as a pool of cold air moved in. At 500 hPa temperatures dropped to -22°C, resulting in a very unstable atmosphere. Surface winds were light to moderate and it seems there was enough low level moisture available for spout development. At the end of the morning I went to the dyke that crosses Lake IJsselmeer. There I watched towers grow into showers, hoping that these would produce waterspouts. The contrast in the air was amazing with crisp convection and deep blue clearings. After a while a shower moved over my location. Just before the rain set in there were pretty strong wind gusts. At the southwest side of this shower a lowering was visible, but unfortunately the storm lost much of it's activity and the updraft disappeared. There was much more convection going on, so I waited for another hour on the dyke.
After a while I noticed that convection became less organised and I decided to head east, probably towards home. At the end of the dyke I had to stop for an open bridge and at that moment I saw a storm activate to my north. It developed a turbulent low base in which some slight rotation was visible. After the bridge closed I decided to follow this storm for a while as the base looked very promissing. Just to the northeast of Lelystad I parked my car and there I saw that the storm had developed some sort of shelf cloud. It surprised me that this storm was that active!
I tried to follow the storm for a few more miles, but I lost sight of the shelf and near Swifterbant I turned around and headed for home. There were more showers around me, but it didn't look like they were active enough for a chase. At home I read that a waterspout has been observed near the North Sea coast.


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