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Chase April 29 2000

Route:Almere - Luttelgeest - Sneek - Nieuw Buinen - Osnabrück (D)
Chasepartner(s):Harald Edens and later on Herman Harperink

On April 30 we celebrate "Koninginnedag" over here in The Netherlands. It's a national holiday and it's the birthday of our Queens mom. Because April 30 was on a Sunday this year, the holiday was held on Saturday April 29. The forecast was for a dry day with some sunny spells, but instead we were pleasantly surprised by a very active thunderstorm in the early morning. Harald and I joined for a chase in Almere and headed northwards.
Bouke was our weather provider again and told us to go further northeast. We stopped near a small village called Luttelgeest, where we had a great view over the fields. From the east and south very omnious looking clouds were coming our way and soon we saw the first strikes showing up. Most of them were massive multistroke CG strikes and we tried to photograph them, although it was during the middle of the day. Later, all of the lightning strike pictures turned out to be a failure, but Harald could also use his videocam.
Soon it started to rain and we had to seek shelter in the car. Here Harald tried to catch some lightning with his cam aimed through an open car window. Some strikes were very near and we also saw lightning hitting a high voltage power cable. The rainfall was so heavy, we could speak of a cloudburst. We followed this storm for 50 km or so and drove to the city of Sneek. Here we went out again to view the storm, but it had lost much of its activity. We did witness the so called whale's mouth as can be seen on the pictures.
We contacted Bouke and Haralds mom again for some weather updates and we were sent of towards the east. We drove more then 100 km, just seeing boring skies. We even held a potato throw match (uhmmm?:)), until we got a phone call from Herman. He told us about about great thunderstorms over Germany and he asked whether we were interested or not. Well, of course we were. We met Herman and his friend Ruben in Coevorden. We drove of towards Germany. Did we bring our passports? We didn't. But that wouldn't be to much of problem we guessed. In Germany we enjoyed the countryside, but there was no interesting weather. At a certain point we stopped and turned back again. We drove a long distance today and in the end only the first part of the chase turned out to be interesting. But still we had a very good time!


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